Our services

Every facility and situation is unique, which is why we create individualized security plans specific to your needs.

Included in your plan is a mix designed to educate and train you and your people to be better equipped to reduce the risk of a shooting happening, and if one does, give you a plan for how to respond.

What we offer

Active Shooter Mitigation/Response/Recovery Classes

  • Introduction to the active shooter
  • Active shooter statistics
  • Active shooter case studies
  • Psychology and behavior indicators
  • Escape-Evade-Counter
  • When law enforcement arrives
  • Media relations

Facility Assessments

  • Safety and threat tour
  • Structural enhancement
  • Security recommendations
  • Identifying possible safe spaces & escape routes
  • Securing a facility

Security/Crisis Plans

  • Working with law enforcement
  • Media relations
  • Medical and counseling services
  • Facility recovery
  • Security staff training and assessment

Capabilities Brief

Our personalized capabilities brief is your chance to meet the Ronk team, learn how we can help your particular organization, and dig into the details of what Ronk has to offer.

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